Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you keep harping on showing an item “in action”?
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then an 8 second video is easily worth a few million, right? Think about it – isn’t a video way more interesting to watch when you can see what something does or more than just a single 2-dimensional view of it? If a flik is even a tiny bit fun to watch with the sound off, then you’ve done well, grasshopper.


Do I have to upload a sample video in order to use flik?
Technically, no, but our waiting list is pretty darn long and in order to maintain quality content on flik we take time ensuring each new user really wants to be an active contributor on flik and is passionate about sharing the stuff they love. So, go grab one of your favorite things and show us what you love about it in 8 seconds or less and more than likely you’ll get bumped to the top of the waiting list asap.


What is a list?
A list allows you to organize your own fliks into nice little folders (they look pretty, don’t they?) as well as save other user’s fliks that you might want to come back to later. For instance, if you see a pair of running shoes you like or a watch that looks like a gift you could give your friend, create a list, add it and then you can reference it at any time. Lists are also nice to just have a collection of the things you love, whether you own ‘em or not. Helps others admire your impeccable taste, too.


What does the button “I bought this” mean?
Did you watch a flik, love it so much that you had to go out and buy one yourself? Well, let the person who flikked it know!! Wouldn’t you want to know if someone went out and bought something you flikked? We know we would, so click the “I bought this” button and make that person feel good! (We’re all about spreading the love!) And if someone flikked a restaurant, you don’t have to buy the entire restaurant to be able to click that button. For places, if you checked it out in person because of a flik you saw, go ahead and click the button!


What is an ambassador?
An ambassador is one of our first users who was instrumental in helping to launch flik and help us come up with best practices for quality flikking.


What is a flikspert?
A flikspert is someone who has been specially chosen by flik’s founders to share their favorites or must haves in particular areas. fliksperts have special profiles allowing these users to link to their blog, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


How do I become an ambassador?
We don’t foresee bringing on any more ambassadors, but crazier things have happened. If we notice that a particular user not only fliks often, but also has unbelievable and awesome quality fliks (shows us what it does, good lighting, speaks clearly, informative, etc) and also shares with a ton of their friends who are also awesome, active users of flik, we could definitely see ourselves handing out another ambassador badge.


How do I become a flikspert?
There are three ways someone could potentially become a flikspert:

  1. We might seek you out ourselves and write to you introducing flik and the opportunity to become a flikspert.
  2. We notice you are a current user of flik and you continue to flik awesome stuff in the same category (like fashion|fitness|home|gadgets|beauty|travel|guy stuff etc) AND outside of flik you are sought out for expert advice in that particular category. If we notice these things, we may reach out to you.
  3. You can apply to become a flikspert. First, start flikking awesome fliks in one particular category. Once you get a good amount of fliks up (minimum 20-30 fliks), then you can send an email to and include the following:
    1. Tell us your name and username on flik so we can find you
    2. Send us links to your blog, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Facebook pages if you have them.
    3. Tell us why you think you’d be an awesome flikspert. (Help us out and send us something fun and interesting to read! “Because I have a blog following of 2 million people and 300,000 twitter fans” just won’t cut it. Tell us why you’re different and why you’re going to have new and different stuff that our flik users just can’t live without!


Do ambassadors or fliksperts get paid?
Ambassadors don’t and technically fliksperts don’t get paid by flik, but there are ways flik is helping fliksperts make money. We can’t quite tell you how, but we will soon be implementing new technology and a plan to get fliksperts more opportunities to bring in some dough. (It’s really going to be up to the flikspert though).


How is flik making money?
We aren’t yet, but have some pretty extensive plans to help us make money that doesn’t involve advertising. We despise ads and promise to never, ever advertise on flik. Ever. In our monetization plans, it also is a win win for everyone involved – for our users, for businesses, and for us. If you are a potential investor or business partner, we might consider sharing some of these plans with you. We’re pretty sure you’re going to like them.


How do I find friends on flik?
If you go to the sidebar (by clicking the three little horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner of the ‘me’ tab), you can search for a friend’s name/email/username in the grey search bar at the top.


Why is it asking me to allow access to my camera and my location?
In order to upload fliks from your camera, flik needs to be able to use your camera’s functionality to record them and/or upload fliks you’ve recorded directly to your camera’s album.


If you flik a place, the app allows you to tag a location to the map. In order to help find that location (and so it doesn’t take you to Zimbabwe) flik asks for your location.


We are freaks about privacy and hate when other apps request access to our information, so we assure you that we do not collect any of your data/photos/fliks, nor do we access anything unless you personally give it to us or upload it to flik.


What should I do if I’m having technical problems?
First, we apologize if you are having any issues, but we are here to help – shoot us an email to and one of our tech gurus will get back to you within 3-5 day (probably sooner, but we’d rather under-promise, over-deliver!).


Can I upload my fliks on Facebook or Twitter?
You sure can! You can share you personal fliks on FB or Twitter by going to your flik detail page (the same place that allows you to comment/like, etc) – and click the right-most button with the arrow. If you have your Facebook or Twitter account set up on your phone, you’ll see icons for you to share. If you don’t see them, go connect your phone to them and they’ll appear!


Can I do more than one flik of the same thing?
Yes, and we would love that because it shows you’ve got a lot to share about the things you love.


What can I flik?
You can flik anything that you own or places you go – so you can flik clothes, gadgets, kitchen stuff, beauty products, restaurants, hotels, favorite hiking trails, DIY projects (as long as you can link it back to one of the products in your flik), jewelry, kid stuff, the list is endless!


What can’t I flik?
Since we are social media platform to share your commercial experiences, you are not allowed to flik things like your kid at his soccer game or you just talking about nothing. No video status updates, and you cannot for any reason at any time flik anything offensive or illegal (pornography, animal cruelty, drugs, etc. See our terms and conditions for what is not appropriate). Keep in mind your account will be deactivated immediately if you are found to violate these.


How do I flag inappropriate content?
When you are on the flik detail page, click on the upper right most icon with the arrow and click “flag flik” – you will then be able to let us know what is appropriate about it and we will take action immediately. Thanks in advance for helping us maintain quality content on flik!


Why do I have to turn my phone sideways to flik?
Great question. The best way to answer is with this awesome and hilarious Public Service Announcement (PSA) by Gizmodo.